The great thing of our art offering is that it isn’t just a piece of inspiration, it is also for sale and refreshed every quarter. Appreciating art requires personal attention. Therefore, we love to invite people whom are interested for a private view. Next the private views we also anticipate on important art events that taken place in the "Jekerkwartier" and Maastricht region.


l’ Atelier Art presents contemporary art such as paintings, sculptures, photography, video, film, installations and performance of both internationally renowned artists as of young, up-and-coming talent.

Current: Jeanine Jordaan



Horst Wackerbarth

Han van Wetering



Eric Bleize

Sallie Harmsen

Mariejo Hermans

Margriet Meeuwsen

Han Rameckers

Mike Moonen

Rebecca Treur

Sarah Sijstermans

Kaspar Dejong

Jan Sijstermans



Anybody - Somebody - Nobody

This exhibition out of a serie of two tells the story that the line between good and evil is permeable and almost anyone can be induced to cross it when pressured by situational forces.

Watch the paintings



Anybody - Somebody - Nobody

(The movie)

This video is built on the deepest themes of human meaning: good and evil, beauty and ugliness, life and death, love and hate.

Watch the trailer

Casual meetings

Images of accidental meetings, taken in a split second, freeze those beautiful moments of temporarily happiness.

Watch the photo gallery


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